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Performance Areas

Creative Play has a range of excellent playground equipment that can be used to create great performance areas. These make fantastic spaces where you can teach classes such as drama, and at the same time allow active play outdoors. Our performance area section has equipment that’ll help children develop a whole range of beneficial skills.

Wooden Stage - DD-WST

from £490

Stage Back Drop - UP-SBP-1

from £578

Performance Areas


We have experts highly experienced in designing a wide variety of playground equipment. This allows us to manufacture, supply and install fantastic play pieces that could transform your play spaces into great performance areas. For each of these pieces, we ensure fun educational benefits are in mind, to assist the growth and development of each child.


What Do We Have In Our Performance Areas Category?




We take a great deal of time, effort and keen focus when developing one of the main parts of performance areas, which is the stage. The majority of our stages are available in half-octagons, various sizes and have the optional 1m extension for additional space, at the front of the stage. When combined with curtains and backdrops, they really do create amazing and effective performance areas. 


You could also choose to add our selection of seating pieces to the stage, to give each performance area a more complete appearance by allowing an audience. Some of these can also be purchased with added activity play boards, for playing out of different scenarios which will also enhance your performance areas.


Activity Playboards


Besides stages, we also have other fantastic options in our Activity Play boards range. This section has many great pieces that allow endless possibilities within performance areas, for children to participate in. 


The innovative activity playboards that can used to create amazing performance areas include:


  • Art stage
  • Bubble Viewing Boards
  • White Boards
  • Chalk Boards
  • Mood Boards
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Mazes
  • Cogs
  • Weaving Board
  • Simon Says Wall
  • Shape Wall Panel
  • Weather Station
  • Painting Station
  • Motor Play Panel
  • Shop Front
  • Phonics Play boards
  • Whizz Wheel
  • Noughts & Crosses


Playtown And Activity Panels


Creative play is excited and ready, to fully equip your performance areas. To maximise role play when performing, we also provide a range of Playtown and Activity Panels, with lots of supporting objects to improve performance among children.


By allowing the creatively designed play equipment to be incorporated into your performance areas, helps children to role play as different people and characters, in different life scenarios such as:


  • Fuel Station
  • Garage Playtown
  • Playground Sign Pack
  • Cafe Playtown Panel
  • Bank Playtown Panel
  • Fire Station Playtown
  • Train Station
  • Post Office
  • Police Station Playtown
  • Doctors Playtown


Our playground equipment experts, here at Creative Play, are well informed on the best ways to facilitate imaginative play. Performance areas are play spaces, which can be furnished with quality play equipment, to ensure imaginative play is possible for children of all ages.


Every piece of our play equipment range within performance areas, is expertly designed, manufactured and installed to allow a vast range of benefits.


The Performance areas we’ll create for you, will improve creativity and problem solving skills in children. As children perform and act out various scenarios, they will learn and understand more about responsibilities and improve on their vocabulary and social skills. 


Please feel free to talk to us about your requirements of performance areas for your play spaces. Our team would be delighted to assist you find the perfect fit.

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