Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor gym spaces can be really beneficial, as they help to develop balance, co-ordination and physical attributes in their users. To really gain these benefits, you’ll want to ensure that you get a high-quality selection of outdoor gym equipment, items that are accessible to use and provide lasting quality as you continue to make use of them.

For many people, the opportunity to have access to outdoor workout equipment can be a highly enjoyable way to add more regular physical activity to their lives. Whether it is children in a school playground or families in a public park, this type of outdoor exercise equipment can be a huge boost to a local community in terms of fun activity and engagement with a healthy lifestyle.

Here at Creative Play, our outdoor gym equipment has been designed to provide a range of physical and health benefits – from building muscle strength, to developing cardio fitness levels, as well as improving flexibility, balance and co-ordination. They have been specially designed to offer the same level of quality as the professional equipment that people are accustomed to using in gyms, but with the durability to survive outdoors.

Having worked with a variety of outdoor settings, including parks, schools and community centres, we are fully accustomed with how to design and install the ideal gym setup for your outdoor setting. We all know that exercise is important for individuals of all ages and is great for promoting a healthy, active lifestyle, and given that we don’t all have access to a gym – our outdoor fitness range is proving to be a hit with both children and adults!

Whether you have an exact arrangement in mind, or need complete guidance from start to finish, our outdoor gym equipment experts are ready to consult with you and ensure that you get the ideal end result.  Popular in a range of settings, such as public spaces, educational facilities and commercial businesses, you can cherry pick exactly which items you want to include, targeting the activities that you want to incorporate into your outdoor space.

Not only does this allow you to pick the outdoor sports equipment that you think would be most beneficial from an exercise point of view, it also allows you to fit your selection to your exact budget. Whether you are looking for one piece of outdoor workout equipment or several, we can help you to find the ideal arrangement for your setting, helping you to plan the overall design to be the most engaging possible to those who will use it.

A Leading Option for Outdoor Sports Equipment

Having spent over 20 years in the design and manufacture of high-quality playground spaces, in recent years we have taken that same passion for providing quality play equipment and extended into offering quality outdoor gym equipment. We have a quality range of outdoor gym equipment for schools, helping you to promote an active and healthy lifestyle to your young people in a way that shows how fun and engaging it can be.

Our range of outdoor gym equipment can also be designed and arranged in a way that provides for inclusivity, ensuring that your outdoor gym space is a setting where children and young people of all backgrounds feel welcome. You can select many of the features of the gym equipment for your school, public park or business, choosing features such as overall colour scheme and/or theme for your gym space.

We also offer a range of sports surfacing that can accompany your outdoor gym space, providing a fantastic combination of style, durability, as well as safety benefits through its shock-absorption and slip-proof characteristics. Building your ideal outdoor gym space in the exact style and arrangement that suits you, while knowing that it is built to last and providing ongoing use for many years; that’s a winning combination for any facility!

Outdoor Gym Equipment at Excellent Value

In addition to the quality, style and durability offered by our outdoor gym equipment and accompanying features, we also offer all of our equipment at highly competitive pricing models and with free expert installation across the UK. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that once you have selected your outdoor gym setup, not only will it be expertly designed, it will also be professionally installed to ensure its safety and durability. Our installation teams are all highly trained, used to working in schools and council facilities, and professional at all times.

Our range of outdoor gym equipment for schools, parks and other facilities is available across the UK. Should you want to establish a full gym area, we can offer you a free consultation where one of our experts will come and talk over your design needs with you and help to work out what will be the best fit for your setting. This will help to make sure that you get an outdoor gym area that is built to appeal to users and encourage them towards an active lifestyle.


We’re always happy to discuss the range of outdoor gym equipment options we can offer to your educational, council or commercial facility. Our friendly team of experts will be able to talk you through the benefits of our range of items and help you to work out your ideal outdoor gym fit. We believe in the quality of all of the outdoor gym equipment we design and produce, having seen it impact many people positively.

These are just a few of the reasons why we’re so positive about the potential of outdoor sports equipment and outdoor exercise equipment. For more information on our range of outdoor gym equipment, you’re welcome to get in touch with our team here at Creative Play today. We’re available by phone on 01244 375627 or email on play@creativeplayuk.com and we also offer the options to request a callback, request a free consultation and/or chat to us via our live webchat.