Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor gym spaces can be really beneficial as they help develop the balance, coordination and physical attributes.

Our outdoor gym equipment has been designed to provide a range of physical and health benefits – From building muscle strength, developing cardio fitness levels and improving flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

We all know that exercise is important for individuals of all ages and is great for promoting a healthy, active lifestyle, however we all don’t have access to a gym – enter our outdoor fitness range for both children and adults!

Popular in all settings such as public spaces, education and commercial businesses you can cherry pick what items you want to include and target what activities you want to incorporate into your outdoor space.

Enhance your outdoor community space with a resource everyone can enjoy
Our ‘double’ gym equipment options are great for group exercise sessions
No membership required. Create an outdoor space that provides the same opportunities as a typical gym
Build strength and work on co-ordination skills no matter your age