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Outdoor Classroom Day 2022

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What is Outdoor Classroom Day?

On two days of the year, a global movement in the name of Outdoor Classroom Day, takes place to inspire making outdoor activity part of every child’s day – Teachers are encouraged to take children outdoors to play and learn!

Although there are only 2 recognised ‘days’ to promote taking the classroom outdoors, the Outdoor Classroom Day community campaign all year round, as the importance of being outdoors is highly evidenced.

Our Support…

To celebrate this fantastic day, we launched a competition on World Book Day, giving the chance for one lucky school to WIN an Outdoor Classroom worth over £10,000!

We ran this competition through social media and the winner was…..


We ensured the classroom would be installed for Outdoor Classroom Day, so that the pupils of the school could enjoy learning outdoors.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Classroom

Studies have shown that pupils tend to have increased concentration levels as well as increased levels of motivation and inspiration when their learning is taken outside. The opportunity to learn and play outdoors can also potentially give children who find it difficult to concentrate or engage inside an alternative option.

We have identified 7 important benefits of taking the classroom outside:

  1. Increased Pupil Engagement
  2. Enhanced STEM Learning Opportunities
  3. School Reward Systems
  4. Class Topic Learning
  5. Multi-Purpose Use
  6. Increased Physical Development, Physical Learning Opportunities & Physical Activity
  7. Extending Existing Learning Spaces

To read more about the above benefits, please click here

If you are considering an Outdoor Classroom for your playground, please feel free to browse our range. If you find something you like, get in touch and we can start discussing your project and support you to get the ball rolling!

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