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Western Road Community Primary School

Coloured Bar


We had previously worked on a playground proposal for Western Road Community Primary School involving our Viking Ship and vibrant Wetpour Safety Surfacing however they wanted us to revisit their design and include a new trim trail area to promote physical play.


For the imaginative play zone Western Road Community Primary School decided on our red and yellow Viking Ship. With numerous integrated benches, it has plenty of room for large groups of children to play together.

To make the equipment really stand out we teamed this with our ‘sea blue’ Wetpour Safety Surfacing and included vibrant inlaid fish designs to give the area a real wow-factor.

For the Trim Trail area we included popular pieces such as our Balance Beam, Rope Walk and Tyre Crossing. Stepping Logs were also used to link the bigger trim trail items together and make a complete circuit for pupils to follow.

Black Wetpour Safety Surfacing, with yellow shapes for the product posts, was used to create an all-weather surface underneath the trim trail circuit and to create its own zone in the playground.


With numerous play areas at Western Road Community Primary School it was essential that everyone worked together to ensure a successful installation.

The wide variety of equipment and surfacing transformed the play areas into a vibrant and engaging spaces, providing the pupils with fun and challenging pieces of equipment perfect for physical and imaginative play.