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Playground Inspiration and Information – October Brochure

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Our October brochure it heading to you and it is jam packed full of information, inspiration and even an academic calendar!

The focus on keeping children active has never been so prominent and we are here to help you help your pupils to the start of a healthy and happy lifestyle which of course starts at school!

Within our brochure we have included a selection of case studies and products to show you what you can get for your budget.















Not only that, our academic calendar has all key events relevant to education highlighted so you don’t miss a thing and can keep organised all year round!

If you haven’t received one of our free brochures and would like one, please get in touch!

Alternatively, if you have received one and would like further information or extras, again contact us – we have a team of friendly advisers on hand to guide and assist where possible.

You can download it too here: October Brochure

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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