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New Product Range: JIGSAW

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Playground equipment is becoming more and more important within all outdoor play areas. Here at Creative Play we are constantly expanding our product catalogue and innovating when it comes to all things outdoor play to ensure we have at least one product for all of our customers budgets and area size.

To ensure we are able to do this our talented in-house Product Design team have come up with a whole new modular play tower concept that allows you to build your very own piece of outdoor play equipment bespoke for your needs – Our Jigsaw range!

We have 30 different components in the Jigsaw range for you to choose from and create your completely bespoke Play Tower!

With pieces suitable for EYFS all the way up to KS2, we are able to offer a wide variety of play features suitable for all ages and ability levels.

You could use all our components and have a HUGE play system or for smaller areas only use a select few, it really is up to you!

This is ideal for ensuring you meet your individual play requirements, budget and area size! The possibilities are truly endless!



  1. Ideal for all playground shapes and sizes

  2. You can be more in control of your playground development budget

  3. Great for encouraging social and interactive play

  4. Suitable for a wide age range; EYFS – KS2

  5. Endless configurations and combinations are possible


Now, we know this can seem a bit daunting with 30 different components to choose from and deciding what plans and features are going to be beneficial to you, but we have a team of friendly Play Advisers who are waiting to come and assist you with your very own bespoke play equipment with these 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Choose a platform – these come in 2 different heights – 0.6m and 0.9m. They can also come with a roof or without, your choice!

STEP 2: Add your desired play pieces – We have 6 different ways to get up and down from the platforms including a slide, stairs, a net climber, a ramp, a rung ladder and a climbing panel with blocks.

We then have 6 different ways to get from one platform to another including an arched timber bridge, a clatterbridge, a staggered walk way, a net crossing, a v-bridge and a rope ladder.

To add even more character to your play tower you can add different height platforms and introduce inclined bridges to travel from one platform to the other…

Guard rails are also provided to ensure the children are kept safe during play. We have two different guards a timber and rope.

STEP 3: Keep building until you reach your finalised design – You can honestly have as many or as little components desired!

Click here to find out more about our Jigsaw range here

To find out more about our Jigsaw range call us today on 01244 375627 or email [email protected]

Creative Play design, manufacture and install all our equipment right here in Chester, so be rest assured you will receive great service through your playground development.