It’s National Storytelling Week

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 Who loves story telling? WE DO!!!!!

National Storytelling Week takes place every year to promote storytelling, the very first way of communicating life experiences and the creative imagination.

The event has been growing steadily each year throughout schools, hospitals, museums, theatres and storytelling clubs.

Why not join in yourselves!!! There are so many ways this can be incorporated into lessons etc. School Assemblies being the main time to target a storytelling session.

Chose books that will educate children, encourage imagination and an element of wonder and eagerness. Children will love to sit and listen to a story that excites them and gets them involved.

 Why not let children do the reading themselves? Take turns reading a page each. This will promote confidence and work on reading and literacy skills – a great English lesson for the children.

Who said it needs to be in a school hall or classroom? Take it outside? Add an element of surprise and creativity. We provide a great outdoor Storytellers’ Area.

This is comprised of our Teacher’s Storytelling Chair, match it with the Child’s Storytelling Chair and Curved Seating around to create the ultimate learning space for children to gather and build on fundamental literacy and communication skills.

Why not encourage pupils to use their imagination and create their own stories?

Our range of Playboards, such as our Chalk Board, White Board and Painting Station are all great for creative play. Mark-make, write or draw your story and tell it to friends and teachers. Let your imagination run wild!

However you choose to celebrate National Storytelling Week, make sure you get involved!

Click here for more information on National Storytelling Week