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Music & Sensory Playboards

Art Stage - ART001

from £4216

Colour Panel - Yellow - NUR214

from £295

Colour Panel - Blue - NUR213

from £295

Colour Panel - Green - NUR212

from £295

Colour Panel - Red - NUR211

from £295

Double Bubble Viewing Board - NUR120

from £495

Curved Mirror Board - NUR117

from £395

White Board - 2.4m - PB143

from £995

White Board - 1.2m - PB142

from £795

Chalk Board - 2.4m - PB141

from £895

Chalk Board - 1.2m - PB140

from £695

Mood Board - PB101A

from £545

Drums - PB132

from £1497

Bass Guitar - PB130

from £1497

Lead Guitar - PB129

from £1497

Farm Animals - PB126

from £1497

Cogs - PB125

from £898

Mirror Board - NUR114

from £395

Painting Station - PB111

from £945

Chalk Board - PB101

from £495

Weaving Panel - PB115

from £495

Painting Station - Double - PB121

from £995

Funky Mirror - PB105

from £545

Perspex Board - PB116

from £495

Talk Tube - MP109

from £1950

Bells - MP108

from £1049

Drums - MP101

from £799

Glockenspiel - MP104

from £849

Chimes - MP107

from £849

Xylophone - MP103

from £1449

Batpipes - MP106

from £1269

Cymbals - MP102

from £949

Rainwheel - MP105

from £699

Offering a fun and exciting range of playground equipment options, our music playboards and wider sensory playboards range are specifically designed to provide children with both fun play and education benefits. Here at Creative Play, we are passionate about providing dynamic and inclusive play options for children of all backgrounds.

We never tire of seeing children and young people benefit from using our range of sensory play items, all of which are designed and manufactured by our expert in-house team. We have spent over 20 years developing and refining our range and have been championing the benefits of sensory play as long as anyone.

With this in mind, we’d be happy to talk you through the merits of any of our music playboards or sensory playboards and advise on how they’d best fit within a wider playground space. We have installed our playboards in schools and nurseries around the country, with all of our items also including free delivery and installation to ensure they offer maximum durability and safety during extended use.

To speak to us about any of our playboard options, get in touch with us today and we’ll be able to discuss the exact merits of each possible choice and help you to find the best fit for you.