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Having mazes on your playground surface will certainly transform it. Maze markings enhance play areas, allowing stimulation of children’s minds.

Circular Maze - PM171

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Maze Graphics


For the last 30 years, we have designed, manufactured and installed quality playground equipment across the UK. We also have a dedicated team that researches constantly, to help us create unique play spaces for children. One of the fantastic play options our specialists have discovered, which offers great benefits to children, is Mazes.


Mazes are in our category of Creative Play markings for playgrounds. This is a department we take seriously. Our specialists understand how mazes and other markings can positively impact the developing minds of young children, in a fun, yet safe way.


Having mazes on your playground surface will certainly transform it. Maze markings enhance play areas, allowing stimulation of children’s minds. The children can then develop skills that make them question and be inquisitive, as well as combining play with learning.

Benefits Of Mazes

Installing maze markings on a schoolyard offers children excellent play spaces, where they can run around and play during break times or PE lessons. The right playground markings can make a huge difference to their enjoyment of the physical activity and the development of a range of physical skills in children. This is exactly what our mazes are designed to do.


Why Choose Creative Play?


Our team of specialists are passionate about helping our clients find the most suitable maze for their children. 


Our researchers are very helpful, so if you’re unsure of the type of maze you need, our specialists can help. We’ll ensure you purchase a maze that’ll elevate the play for children in your playground. We have unique designs of mazes made to visually engage children, allowing a whole host of potential cognitive and physical benefits in young people.

One of our popular options in the mazes category is the Circular Maze. This Bright and colourful yet confusing maze is designed to entice children to participate, challenge them and instil in them a set of physical and cognitive skills.


It will be interesting to see if young people in your playground will be able to figure their way through our Circular Maze.


What Materials Do We Use?


Our Maze playground markings are made from colourful thermoplastic, to enhance the look of a playground for children. The maze markings create vibrant and colourful patterns that further enhance the play area for children, completely transforming their outdoor playtime.


The thermoplastic we use is a tough material that is far more durable than paint. The material supports both ours and your ideas and when put together, creates a magical playground surface that will last for years to come. This gives children the mental thrill they want and need to develop. So feel free to talk to us about your maze requirements.


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