Keep busy this Easter Holiday!

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The Easter holiday is here, but what will you be doing this weekend? (Apart from eating lots of Easter eggs).

We’ve come up with some ideas to keep you and your children occupied. Have fun this break with some of the games below!

Easter Egg Hunt:

This is a classic! Hide Easter eggs throughout the house and even in your back garden! Children will love to run around and try to find their yummy chocolate.

Easter Egg Rolling Competition:

This can be played inside or out! Draw 2 lines, one for the start and of course a finish line. Hard boil an egg each and race to see who can get the egg from one line to the other without using your hands or feet!

Easter Bunny Says:

This is another version of ‘Simon Says’ but of course its Easter so let’s get the Easter Bunny involved! Shout out different actions but remember to do them until the Easter Bunny tells you too!

Egg and Spoon race:

Hard boil an egg for the amount of participants and even decorate them to get really creative. Again play this inside or out! Spoon + Egg = RACE! But remember don’t drop the Egg!

Easter Bunny Tag:

So, we’ve all heard of the game Tag. Difference with this game you can only hop around like a Bunny. HOP, HOP, HOP as fast as you can!

Easter Egg Toss:

Hang a basket from a tree branch and try to toss hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs (less mess) into the swinging basket. Person with the most eggs in the basket wins!

Not only will these games keep children engaged for hours they will be having lots of fun, so why not?


Happy Easter from all at Creative Play!