International Walk To School Month – October

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This month is walk to school month and we can think of many reasons children should walk to school. Keeping active keeps the body and heart healthy and great for development. Not only will walking to school develop mobility and social skills it will also develop road awareness.

It is widely accepted that road safety awareness is something that should be introduced to children from a young age, what the different colours of the traffic lights mean, the different kinds of vehicles on the roads, how to get in and out of cars safely and, as they get older, how to cycle safely on the road.

Sadly however, more than 4,500 incidents happen on UK roads and 20% of these injuries happen on the school run, only increasing as children get older. Therefore, it becomes even more important that children are educated thoroughly on the dangers of the road both at home and during school time.

Our Thermoplastic Roadway Markings can provide any play area with a fun and interactive means of teaching children about road safety. Made to measure for your outdoor area, these roadways are totally bespoke and have the option of including extras such as traffic light markings, a zebra crossing, ‘stop, look, listen’ instructions, parking bays and more to give children a more authentic learning and play experience.

Children can put their new found knowledge into practice as both motorists and pedestrians as they travel around the roadway, and this gives them the opportunity to build upon their existing creative and imaginative skills as they create different scenarios with their friends.

Thermoplastic Roadway Markings give children the opportunity to interpret what they see their parents and carers doing in day to day life, allowing them to develop their own skills and interpretations of the road and what it means to be a responsible cyclist, motorist or pedestrian.


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