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Individual Trim Items

A-Frame Log Net - CH151

from £998

A-Frame Tunnel - CH150

from £2498

Chin Up Bars - CH101

from £337

Ramp Jump - CH102

from £591

Jelly Board - CH103

from £847

Rope Bridge - CH104

from £879

Moving Beam - CH105

from £875

Clatterbridge - CH106

from £1397

Scramble Net - CH107

from £1496

Balance Beam - CH108

from £329

Swinging Grips - CH109

from £1276

Swinging Log - CH110

from £843

Parallel Bars - CH111

from £398

Zigzag Beam - CH112

from £798

Situps - CH113

from £631

Log Walk - CH114

from £1457

Hurdles - CH115

from £637

Tyre Crossing - CH116

from £1037

Log Bridge - CH117

from £627

Stepping Logs (4) - CH118

from £398

Rope Walk - CH119

from £1037

Overhead Ladder - CH120

from £1589

Stilts (4) - CH121

from £748

Junior Climbing Net - CH122

from £1147

Net Tunnel - CH123

from £1674

Leapfrog Posts - CH124

from £398

Crawling Tube - CH125

from £1476

Treadmill - CH126

from £1027

Climbing Wall - CH127

from £1327

Timber Climbing Wall - CH127A

from £1327

A-Frame Double Net - CH128

from £1432

A-Frame Climbing Blocks - CH129

from £1219

Spiders Net - CH130

from £1037

Gripped Rope Walk - CH131

from £932

Twisted Net - CH132

from £1037

Vertical Twisted Net - CH133

from £1037

Tri-Sprung Balance Beam - CH134

from £1273

Timber Crawl Tunnel - CH136

from £1476

Crawling Net - CH139

from £1367

Mound Tunnel - CH140

from £2998

Mini Climbing Net - CH141

from £821

Dome Mound Tunnel - CH142

from £4998

Pull Up Bars - CH143

from £521

Weaving Beam - CH144

from £782

Inclined Net - CH145

from £1329

Inclined Log Climber - CH146

from £1963

Mound Tunnel Inc. Slide - CH147

from £4998

Mound Tunnel - Angled - CH148

from £3498

Here at Creative Play, our highly skilled design team have built a wide range of play options, allowing us to offer a range of individual trim trail items that can either be added to an existing trim trail arrangement, or placed as a standalone item in a wider playground space.

Whether you’re looking for a net, board, beam, bridge or bar, or a combination of multiple options, we’re sure we’ll be able to find the right trim trail accessories for you. We offer a host of highly unique and creative trim trail options, with each of the individual trim trail items playing a key part in the overall experience.

Trim trails are becoming increasingly popular, understandably so given that they provide the ability for children and young people the chance to climb, swing, balance, slide and enjoy a host of other actions, helping them to develop in a range of motor skill areas and grow in confidence.

We’d love to speak to you in more detail about the exact characteristics and design options for any of our trim trail accessories, so if you get in touch with us then one of our expert team will be happy to talk you through your range of options.