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Incorporate Sand Play into your Playground this Summer

Coloured Bar

Who doesn’t enjoy playing with sand? Building sandcastles, burying your feet and generally playing around. It’s a great play feature for children to undergo sensory play and explore different textures as well as have fun building different things!


Here at Creative Play we have four fantastic different sand play products available:





Our simple sandbox is always a playground favourite and it is great feature for both schools and nurseries.


With the vibrant colours designed to brighten up any corner of the playground it also features a robust sliding lid to keep the sand covered when not in use!


The colours of the Playtec can also be change to suit your own playground!


Timber Sandbox



Our Timber Sandbox is our latest addition to our sandbox range and it is already a big hit! It is a great size for encouraging group play and has a sturdy sliding lid to keep the sand covered when not in use.


Our Timber Sandbox looks great in any environment, especially more rustic and natural looking playgrounds. Hugely popular with nurseries!


Sandhut Minor


Both our Sandhuts are inspired from our successful Lilliput range and are great additions in any playground.


The vibrant roofs are great for providing shelter during play and when the included lid covers the sand pit, they can be transformed into stages to provide even more play opportunities within the playground!


Our Sandhut Minor is the smaller of our two Sandhuts here at Creative Play, so it is ideal for smaller play areas or when space is tight!


Sandhut Major


The Sandhut Major is our bigger Sandhut and is great for allowing more children to able to play in the sand. Like our Sandhut Minor, the included lid can transform the Sandhut into a performance stage and add a theatrical feel to any playground!


With a variety of colour options available, choose your colour Playtec and create your ultimate play area!



Remember, there is no right or wrong way to play with sand, children will love using their imagination whilst providing a soothing sensory experience!

If you are wanting to incorporate Sand Play into your outdoor play area, contact us today on 01244 375627 or email [email protected] we have a team of friendly advisers waiting to hear from you!