Hopscotch Nursery Seaford

Coloured Bar


Hopscotch Nursery Seaford wanted an Early Years specific area, comprising of climbing and role play equipment, playboards, a mound tunnel and a variety of safety surfacing. As the playground is used by younger children, it was important for us to ensure that the equipment installed was not only physically challenging, but that it encouraged the children to develop fundamental movement skills. To give the children a physical outlet, we installed our popular Carousel Midi. Not only does this encourage the children to become active, it also encourages them to interact directly with the equipment. We also included our Mound Tunnel, as well as a selection of our Musical Playboards to engage the children creatively. The inclusion of safety surfacing was an important aspect for the Nursery, and therefore we decided to install a selection of different surfaces to create an exciting and visually stimulating area, that meets all British and European playground safety standards.