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How Can a School Get Funding for New Playground Equipment?

Collectively, children spend the majority of their early lives in school. Whether their time is spent learning, socialising or building upon their imagination, it is a place where long lasting memories are made, so it is crucial that their environment is happy, exciting and most importantly, safe. At Creative Play, we provide just that – outdoor playground equipment items for schools that not only evoke fun and imagination, but also form a safe and secure area in which energy can be released at its full capacity without any hiccups.

Here at Creative Play, we have been providing high-quality outdoor playground equipment for schools since 1991 and have delivered school play equipment to numerous schools up and down the country. We understand the pressure felt when first exploring how to get a new playground for your school. Many daunting questions fall into the foreground, mainly surrounding the matter of costs and funding.

Acquiring funding for school playgrounds and school play equipment can be a venture within itself and there are many routes you can take. Creative Play like to support our customers every step of the way. So, without further ado, we would like to present this short funding guide which will hopefully shed some light on the sometimes unnerving task of securing funding for school playgrounds.

What is the best way to fund a new school playground?

1. Exploring Fundraising Options

As an institution already full of willing and enthusiastic occupants, funding for school playgrounds via fundraising is an option that will most likely be a part of your plans. Even if you are looking for outside funding, raising a portion of the total cost yourself is still helpful.

Although a concept that many schools will find second nature, it is always good to have a clear idea on what kind of fundraiser is best suited for funding school playground equipment, as well as finding the most appropriate way to reach your target.

Creative Play are known for creating environments which encourage imaginative play, games and team building. With all this in mind, specific fundraisers can be built around these initiatives to ensure everyone can actively contribute in reaching the desired end result. The following are some possible fundraising ideas that could help provide funding for school playgrounds;

  • Sponsored Whole School Sports Day
  • Sponsored Parent/Teacher Sports Day
  • Design your dream Creative Play Playground (Pay Per entry)
  • Pupil Run Summer Fair (Paid Entry)

2.Consider a Grant

Nevertheless, Creative Play are especially aware of the time and effort involved with fundraisers, as well as the uncertainty on how much will be raised. When looking to fund new school playground equipment, one alternative could be applying for a grant. This would be an ideal way, if accepted, of getting the specific funds you need for your new school playground equipment. There are many organisations that may financially support your Creative Play venture through non-repayable funds, as long as you have a well thought out and crafted application. Some examples of helpful organizations are;

  • Awards for All (National Lottery Awards)
  • Grants4School
  • OneFamily Foundation
  • Educational Play Environments


How do I build an effective Grant Application?

The best place to start with your grant application is making sure that you have a strong and solid proposal. Ensure your ideas are clear, concise and most importantly; reasonable. It bodes well to portray how funding for your school playground would benefit you and your school. For example, this may include points such as:

  • The vital importance of having a safe yet fun place for school children
  • Ensuring a healthy balance of work and play
  • How many young people would benefit from using the area each week

In addition, as well as speaking personally and narratively, it will do well to mention some quantitative evidence just to support and solidify your application further, for example how many pupil hours would be provided each year by each pound awarded by funders. It may seem obvious, but also make sure your application is presented using good English and a good structure, allowing it to be clearly understood.

Be positive, have confidence, have success in mind and your application will surely reflect that.

How can Creative Play help your playground funding application?

Being in a business that relies on teamwork and that is so involved in community spirit, we believe it is only right that you are given full support by our team at Creative Play wherever possible throughout your journey. From browsing, funding, ordering and installing. While we don’t offer funding ourselves, we’re happy to provide information on playground options that may help to aid your funding efforts.

Our friendly and helpful expert staff are on the other end of a telephone call, email or social media message to answer any questions, queries or even to offer advice where we can on how to get a new playground for your school at a realistic budget and with equipment that will provide safe use and lasting quality.

If you require further help with your project, don’t fret. Creative Play offer a completely free playground consultation in order to get a clear vision of your plans, your location and its possibilities. Our support will turn this somewhat complex task into an easy and fun project that everyone can get involved in.

With 30 years of providing school play equipment, we proudly hold a vast range of different equipment at various sizes and budgets so you are sure to find one that fits you. On our easy to use website, you are free to browse our range with ease, along with a few of our success stories accompanied with pictures of our products and the smiling faces of those we have provided with our services – just so you can have a taste of what you can expect if you decide to work with Creative Play.

We hope that this funding guide has shed some light on queries you may have had about your first steps in how to get a new playground for your school. Creative Play find real joy in providing outdoor playground equipment for schools, bringing fun learning opportunities into the lives of students, and playing a part in their fondest school memories.

You can get in touch by phone on 01244 752654, email on, as well as via our online web form and various social media profiles, all listed on our Contact page. The team here at Creative Play ready to hear from you and help you move closer to your dream playground.