Get Children Outside Today!

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Why Outdoor Play is Important

Across recent years there is no hiding from the fact that children are not as active and spend a lot more time either on mobile phones, games consoles and computers. This article has been written to enhance the importance of outdoor play to encourage children to get outside, have fun and play!

Outdoor play is an essential tool for children’s health, from strengthening their immune system, developing fundamental skills and learning independence, it provides a whole host of great benefits.

We have listed just a few benefits below to encourage children to drop their phones and get outside!


  1. Children can burn off any excess energy built up in school and relieve stress.
  2. Whilst children are playing outside they are becoming more physically active, this then prevents obesity, heart disease, diabetes and any other health problems.
  3. Outside play offers many more opportunities to play freely and get creative.
  4. Whilst playing outside regularly, this gives children a chance to build on and develop their motor skills (agility, balance, co-ordination).
  5. Children will also build social skills as they interact with their friends, building confidence.


Let’s try and turn this around and get children outside! There are more than enough reasons to play outside and play equipment when available can provide hours of fun! Coats on, shoes on, fresh air and fun begins!