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Five reasons outdoor sports equipment is so important this year

In the current climate of COVID-19 lockdown across our nations, with all manner of restrictions and guidelines on what we can and can’t do, outdoor physical activity is playing a pivotal role in the physical and mental wellbeing of many. We thought we’d put together a short summary of five key reasons why finding the right outdoor sports equipment has never been so important.


While there are many fantastic indoor sports, the truth is that at the current time, it is simply much safer to play outside. With as little as we know for sure about this virus and its impacts, we do know the primary transfer is through droplets, so being outdoors for sport, especially contact sport, is much safer.

Active Lifestyle

We have been stripped of many aspects of our usual lifestyle at the present time, as we each adjust to the ‘new normal’ at the present time. While we don’t know exactly when we’ll be back in cinemas, restaurants and gyms, at least not without a sense of anxiety and additional safety measures, we do know that one thing we can’t afford to sacrifice is an active lifestyle.

Not only does outdoor sport offer physical health benefits, it is also key for mental health and a general sense of wellbeing. So, whether it’s a skipping rope, new running gear, or outdoor gym equipment, there are a range of options to keep an active lifestyle during COVID.


Space is at a premium at the best of times, but especially with current distancing measures, there is so much benefit offered by being able to enjoy sport outdoors. Not just physically, it can also be of great benefit psychologically to be out in an expansive area rather than being stuck within four walls.

Cost of Living

Many of us are feeling additional financial strain at the present time, whether through personal furlough, job loss, reduced income for our business or any other uncertainty. Often, our children won’t understand this fully, so will continue to request entertainment such as video game content purchases and film streaming which can add up rapidly if happening on a daily basis. Finding a simple but enjoyable outdoor sports option not only offers physical health benefits, it can also help with financial health.

Mental Health

As mentioned above in the Space section, there are a range of psychological benefits offered by outdoor sport at the best of times, but in the present moment of being so restricted and locked down, the ability to get outside and be physically active can have exponential benefits for mental health.