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Fencing & Storage

At Creative Play we have some of the best playground fencing options in the UK, which provide a secure entry and are appealing to children.

Over the years people have been learning and embracing the benefits of outdoor play. This is what we encourage children to do via our creative and attractive fencing structures. We believe outdoor play area fencing is vital for children’s safety.

Playtec Stile - Single Colour - NUR106

from £430

Palisade Stile - NUR105

from £380

Playtec Gate - 600mm Single Colour - NUR104

from £270

Palisade Gate - 600mm - NUR103

from £200

Playtec Fencing - 600mm Single Colour - NUR102

from £270

Palisade Fencing - 600mm - NUR101

from £200

Trike Store - TPH104

from £2190

Trellis Panel - SG005

from £210

Trellis Archway - SG006

from £500

Playtec Fencing (1.2 Tall) Per Linear Meter - PF3

from £240

Playtec Fencing (0.97 Tall) Per Linear Meter - PF2

from £210

Playground fencing types

Our variety of fencing offers many choices. They are beautiful and unique fences, all of which are a perfect playground choice.

Playtec Stile-Single Colour

A Playtec Stile-Single Colour fence leading to a playground, will always attract children. This 600mm Playtec fencing structure offers exactly that. Young children will begin outdoor play as soon as they reach the fence. The fence encourages Children to challenge themselves as they climb up and down or over. This is guaranteed to enhance children’s fundamental movement skills.

This product is part of the Toddle Town nursery range we offer, here at Creative Play. To reduce the slipping of young children, the stile has our slip-resistant hexboard. The two taller upright timbers help the children maintain stability and use the fence for children’s play area.
Similar to this ancillary fence are other creative fence structures in our range. The Palisade Stile is one of the fences that change how your children enter the playground area.

Palisade Gate – 600mm

You can create a secure entry and or exit with this functional gate. This is to be used with our palisade Fencing, to keep children safe as they play within the playground.

The product features a sliding lock for adults to open and close but prevents young children from doing so.

Playtec Fencing (0.97 Tall) Per Linear Meter

Here is an excellent fence for any children’s play area, designed to create a designated area for a range of play activities.

The 4 colours available, offer a decorative fence that’ll attract young children.Similar to this is the Playtec Fencing Per Linear Meter at 0.97m and 1.2m tall.

Playtec Fencing: 600mm Single Colour

If you are looking to contain play or create different play areas, this is your equipment. Made from quality timber, the single colour Playtec fencing offers a more rustic feel and adds vibrancy to any outdoor space.
The 600mm height of this outdoor play area fencing structure, keeps young children safe as they play inside. Adults can step over the height easily if required.

Palisade Fencing – 600mm

The Palisade fencing can be used exactly as the Playtec Fencing, but is supplied only in a single natural colour that enhances more rustic environments.

How do we ensure the quality of our playground fence?

For every product, including the playground fencing structures we supply at Creative Play, we ensure it is of the highest quality and standards.

Every piece of timber we use will give you 20 years of service, free from decay or insect attacks, thanks to a pressure-treatment of an arsenic-free and chrome-free preservative.

For Fence’s in children’s play areas with colour, we use high-specification, self-coloured, co-extruded polyurethane panels. This extremely durable material is guaranteed to offer years of service. It is unaffected by the sun and will not fade. There is also no need to worry about the fence colour panels delamination since they’re never affected by moisture.

Why Choose Creative Play Fence for a Children’s play area?

We are guided by our ethos and required standards which ensures the quality of products we offer.


We are always governed by safety whenever we design and manufacture our products. You will notice all our fences and gates have a BS EN 1176 standard compliance.


Purchasing from Creative Play means having creative fences for your play area. You can tell from our range that we have some very innovative pieces to revolutionise your kid’s outdoor play.


Creative Play has always worked with its clients enabling us to provide top-quality playground equipment within budget. The prices of our outdoor play products are very competitive.

You can always contact us for quality playground fences or gates, within your budget.

Please note

Our fences are an ancillary product used to support our primary outdoor playground equipment range. As such we may not be able to provide a quotation where your project only requires safety surfacing, fencing or playground markings.


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