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Early Years Trim Items

Mini Mould Tunnel - NUR171

from £2295

Tyre Panel - NUR118

from £495

Sleeper Balance Beam - NUR128

from £245

Timber Crawling Tunnel - NUR127

from £995

Traverse Panel - NUR126

from £595

Balance Rope - NUR125

from £195

Balance Bar - NUR124

from £195

Timber Bridge - NUR123

from £895

Balance Beam - NUR121

from £195

We offer a wonderful range of play items that are specifically designed to be suitable for early years groups. All of our early years trim items provide a great balance between exciting play and opportunities to learn, with the ability to group several of them into one full trim trail, or select one or two items to be placed within a wider playground.

With items such as tunnels, balance beams and traverse panels, it gives young people an excellent environment in which to safely test and improve their motor skills in areas such as balance and climbing. If they engage in group play using early years trim items, it is a fantastic setting in which to improve skills such as teamwork and communication.

We at Creative Play love seeing young people work together to traverse play items such as balance beams, growing in their confidence as they work together and challenge themselves in a safety-conscious environment. Having designed playground equipment in schools, nurseries and parks around the UK, we are highly experienced in helping our clients to find the perfect playground space for their location.

To find out more about any of our early years trim items, get in touch with our expert team today by phone or email and we’ll be happy to talk you through our range of items and the educational play benefits they offer.