Who doesn’t love Trim Trails?!

Coloured Bar

Trim Trails have always been popular with all of our customers making the range one of our best sellers. We have over 40 Trim Trail products and guess what?! We have added even more!!

That’s right we have added two more products, the Inclined Net and Inclined Log Climber giving children even more of a challenge in the playground!

As we now have well over 40 Trim Trail products it would be hard to tell you about them all in one article so, we have chosen some of our best sellers along with the 2 brand new products!


NEW! Inclined Log Climber

Traverse the tricky Inclined Log Climber and put your balance and co-ordination skills to the ultimate test. With 5 angled logs to conquer, will you be able to pass this challenging piece of trim trail?

NEW! Inclined Net

The Inclined Net is ideal for improving gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. Constructed from our high quality timber and polypropylene covered multi-filament steel core rope net, the added inclined element is ideal for putting your balance and co-ordination skills to the test!


Tyre Crossing

A real hit in the Trim Trail range because kids love it. They’ll climb over them. They’ll crawl through them. However children do it, they’ll have great fun negotiating the swinging tyres on this playground favourite. Overall it provides a great challenge and tricky way to get from one side to the other, great for testing children’s balance and coordination.

Overhead Ladder

Our Overhead Ladder helps to challenge children’s upper body strength and requires masses of stamina to get from one side to another. This piece is perfect for linking with other pieces of equipment to build on a fun playground environment.

Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall provides a low level foot and finger holds that is perfect for kids of all sizes, its bright colours and sturdy design makes it appealing too. It is great for testing children’s balance and co-ordination, keeping them busy for hours. It also come in both Playtec and Timber designs.

All of our Trim Trail can be built as a trail to create your own bespoke circuit and also to link several piece of equipment together. Overall a great addition to any outdoor playground.

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