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Creative Play’s Brand New Outdoor Gym Equipment!

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Get Active with Creative Play’s Brand New Outdoor Gym Equipment!

Creative Play are delighted to announce that we have proudly gone into partnership with Fresh Air Fitness.

Fresh-Air Fitness was the first company to introduce outdoor exercise equipment into the UK and have many years’ experience supplying to a range of different customers.

Combined with our extensive 25 years in the play industry, our partnership with established Fresh-Air Fitness will guarantee you have complete piece of mind when it comes to incorporating exercise and physical play opportunities into your playground.

There are 10 different children’s pieces of gym equipment now available to all our customers, so whether you are a school, a holiday park or a parish council, children will love the new playground aspects and will get fit at the same time!

We also have an adult range with over 30 products!

Introducing our 10 Children’s Outdoor Gym Equipment Products

Children’s Air Skier

The Air Skier gives an excellent cardiovascular workout. Targeting the core and oblique’s it really will get hearts pumping whilst building strength and balance skills.

Children’s Arm and Pedal Bike

The arm and pedal bike is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that will get the whole body working and improve balance, hand-eye co-ordination and stamina.

Children’s Double Air Walker

The double air walker allows children to join their friends whilst working out. It works the abs, thighs and buttocks and guarantees to get the heart racing!


Children’s Double Cross Country Skier

The double cross country skier provides a full cardio workout, building stamina and improving co-ordination and balance. It really does work every muscle and with a friend doing the exact same opposite you makes it even better.

Children’s Elliptical Cross Trainer

The scaled down version of the adults cross trainer is very appealing to children as they feel like one of the adults. Provides all the same benefits, working the full body helping to tone and burn energy.


Children’s Rider

The rider is great fun and whilst having all the fun, children are burning energy and building strength in the upper arms, shoulders, legs and buttocks.

Children’s Hip Twister

The hip twister is a great warm up piece for up to 3 children to use at once. Whilst enjoying the ride with each other they are also improving balance and flexibility and building their heart rate ready for the main workout.


Children’s Seated Leg Press

Take and seat and relax, just not for too long! Working the legs and buttocks whilst pushing the seat back and forth is a great workout and with their friend sitting opposite, children will love it!


Children’s Tai Chi Spinners

This piece of playground equipment is extremely clever as not only does it exercise the arms and shoulders it also exercises the brain! The communication between the 2 sides of the brain is crucial for language development and literacy.


Children’s Balance Beams

The balance beams are the all-around piece of equipment! From balancing to bunny hops they promote co-ordination, strength and most importantly balance!


To introduce gym equipemt into your outdoor play area call us today on 01244 375627 or email [email protected] we have a team of friendly advisers waiting to hear from you.