One, Two, Three! Our 3 Stage Development for Churchfields Junior School

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A large three-stage development focusing on providing lots of physical play opportunities.

STAGE 1: A challenging physical play area which features our impressive Fort Henry Tower (with custom ‘Fort Churchfields’ signage) & safety surfacing.
STAGE 2: A climbing zone which includes our Jungle Climber Combi structure & Wetpour Safety Surfacing.
STAGE 3: Two identical ‘Racing Trim Trails’ to promote physical activity during break times.

Churchfields Junior School reached out to Creative Play looking to fully develop the school field.

As this was to be such a huge project the school decided to phase the development into 5 stages. The different stages would be a different area and each area would include a selection of equipment to cater for the whole school.

The first phase completed was a physical play area which comprised of one of our impressive Fort Henry Towers with green and black fleck Wetpour Safety Surfacing laid beneath to allow all-weather use and to ensure the area met all BS EN 1177 standards. 

The second phase included our Jungle Climber Combi to add an element of climbing that would also allow multiple children to use together at one time. Wetpour safety surfacing was laid beneath the Jungle Climber again in the green and black fleck to meet all safety standards.

The third phase was one of the most exciting phases as we were asked to create an assault course from our range of Challenger Trim Trail. We included a wide range of products including a Scramble Net, Overhead Ladder, Hurdles, Tyre Crossing, Crawling Net and more!

The Trim Trail pieces have been laid adjacent to each other to provide the ultimate course allowing children to participate in competitive sport whilst having fun at the same time and developing fundamental movement skills. Again this was laid onto the Wetpour safety surfacing to compliment the other two areas.

This is the first three of the five phases and there is even more to squeeze into what is already a great outdoor area for children to enjoy for many years to come.