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Canopies & Shelters

Cambridge Shelter (Multi-Coloured) - 6m x 3m - CA114

from £6730

Cambridge Shelter (Multi-Coloured) - 3m x 3m - CA113

from £3370

Cambridge Shelter - 3m x 3m - CA111

from £2670

Cambridge Shelter - 6m x 3m - CA112

from £5350

Octavia (5M Canopy Only) - OS118

from £4060

Octavia (4M Canopy Only) - OS117

from £3840

Octavia (6M Canopy Only) - OS119

from £4280

Parasol Bench - VW101

from £3850

Post Protector (Each) - PO101

from £220

Pyramid Roof (5M) - PS103

from £5290

Pyramid Roof (3M) - PS101

from £4080

Pyramid Roof (4M) - PS102

from £4740

Hipped Roof Shelter - CP047

from £7010

Alpine Shelter - AS101

from £5360

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Our journey with canopies & shelters

Our team at Creative Play, have been designing, creating and installing playground equipment for more than 20 years, with our range including a variety of high-quality canopies & shelters in a selection of striking colours.

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What types of canopies & shelters do we offer?

There are a diverse collection of canopies & shelters in the Creative Play range, range from multi-coloured canopies consisting simply of poles and roof, through to wooden shelter structures complete with seating and flooring.

It really does depend on your design tastes, educational needs and available budget as to which option would work best for you, but we’d be happy to discuss the right choice for your educational setting.

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What are the benefits of canopies & shelters?

As we put together our outdoor play equipment, selections, we are always focused on the benefits they can offer to young people.

We passionately believe that the ability to learn in an outdoor environment offers a brilliant change of pace for many children in comparison to indoor classroom learning.

Additionally, these areas offer a great protection from sudden bursts of adverse weather conditions in a playground, allowing the children to shelter for a while rather than all having to go inside.

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