Benedict Primary School

Coloured Bar

Benedict Primary School wanted to completely re-develop their whole outdoor space for Early Years and Key Stage One children with a range of exciting and educational play equipment.
We started to create a design which incorporated a number of different zones within each of the play areas. This included a number of bright and colourful thermoplastic markings within the Early Years area, in addition to a brand new Carousel Tower and our Lilliput Three Tower. Both of these modular systems provide endless fun at break times and feature a range of different activities to improve outdoor physical ability and educational learning.
Our half Octavia Shelter provides the perfect space for taking the classroom outdoors and combines seating with an area for meeting new friends.
In the main playground we installed our new target sports panels to create a multi-use sports and physical zone to promote group work and team based activities. A quiet sensory garden helps the children to learn about the natural environment while the different playboards allow the children to show their creative skills.
Each area has been transformed to provide exciting, fun and educational facilities to the playground which the children look forward to each day.