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Back to Basics – Playground Equipment

Coloured Bar

There are so many different play equipment products for children to play on now, from huge towers, climbing fames, trim trails and lots of role play features including ships, trains and others. But where did all this begin?


Do you remember just having the simple swing, slide and seesaw, maybe a springer too? How much fun did you have on these four simple pieces of equipment?



There are now lots of different styles of Swings including the traditional cradle and flat seats but we have also created a Basket Swing, not only does this allow more than one  user at a time it is perfect for children with disabilities or who need assistance.



Slides now come in all different shapes and sizes and come attached on many different play equipment products including Climbing Frames and Tower Systems!



Seesaws have always been popular in the playground, who wouldn’t have fun on them though? Although now they come in many different designs, check out our Seesaw Bounce, accommodates up to 4 children at a times and is a hit with any child, enjoy the fun with even more friends!



Finally our Spring Riders… How can rocking back and forward be so fun? We are not complaining we love them too! That’s why we have created a huge catalogue of different designs including different animal designs as well as a range of Double Spring Riders for 2 children to enjoy at once; will you jump into the Aeroplane Spring Rider or our Car Spring Rider?



We have a huge catalogue of products to update your outdoor playground, click here to find out more


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