Ark Ayrton Primary Academy

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Ark Ayrton Primary Academy – Case Study


The Brief:

Ark Ayrton Primary Academy wanted to create a fun, vibrant area to promote physical play as well as a large outdoor assembly area. They came to us to help make that happen at a budget and size that worked for their setting.



The Design:

We worked alongside Ark Ayrton to create a bespoke Challenger Trim Trail circuit that would specifically target their individual playground requirements and get pupils active during break times. To ensure the playground compiled with British and EU safety standards, we incorporated out Wetpour Safety Surfacing into the area and decided to use a variety of bright colours to really make it a key feature of the playground.

In addition to this area, we used a number of our popular One-20 Benches to create a large outdoor seating area, perfect for performances or assemblies.

With an additional play piece such as a large Pyramids Shelter as well as a variety of our Shop Fronts combined with a Trellis Archway. Ark Ayrton’s new playground now provides students with a wide variety of play experiences.


The Installation:

With numerous play areas at Ark Ayrton it was essential that everyone worked together to ensure a successful installation.

The wide variety of equipment and surfacing transformed the playground into s vibrant and engaging space, providing the children at Ark Ayrton Primary Academy with fun and challenging pieces of playground equipment.

Key Products: Tyre Crossing, Climbing Wall, Vertical Twisted Net, A-Frame Double Climbing Net, Wetpour Safety Surfacing, Shop Front (Blank), Pyramid Shelter, One-20 Bench


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