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Aerial Runways

Aerial runaway and zip wire playground equipment offer an exciting yet safe way of moving between two points very quickly, while suspended mid-air. The exciting playground equipment provides fun play for children of all ages.

Aerial Runway (21M) - ZW101

from £6920

Aerial Runway (26M) - ZW102

from £7270

Aerial Runway (31M) - ZW103

from £7590

You can foster the love of ziplining to children by obtaining playground zip wires and aerial runaway zip lines. These structures will help children learn what a thrilling experience this activity is. You can develop the courage and confidence of children with the playground zip wire equipment we have at Creative Play. With time, kids playing with the equipment will gather the confidence to go faster. Children will also work together and compete to beat opponents. This will encourage active play and social skills.

Why are Zip Wires & Aerial Runways so popular?


Aerial runaways are one of the most exhilarating pieces of playground equipment. This is probably why they are a favourite to many. Children looking for recreational adventure in the playground will find this playground equipment perfect. These are guaranteed to provide children’s joy and laughter.

Improve Balance and Coordination

As children move from one point to the other of the kids zip wire playground equipment, they have to maintain their balance. Such an activity improves balance and coordination which are some of the fundamental movement skills they ought to learn. This is one of the many reasons why parents and teachers are incorporating zip wires in the play areas.

Enhance physical growth

Zip wires and aerial runaway equipment involves climbing and pushing. This activity is one of many that allows active play which in turn improves physical growth. Climbing and pushing gives children stronger muscles, bones and in addition, the zip lines offer cardiovascular fitness.

Can be almost all areas

You can use aerial runaway and zip wire structures in many areas of a playground or garden. This playground equipment can be incorporated into many beautiful sceneries of forests and bushes. Since they work on the same principle as ziplining used by adults, it is easy to give your children the thrill and adventure of ziplining in forests.

Get an aerial runaway to help your children gain health, social, stress relief, improved physical growth and many other benefits our playground equipment are popular for.

Pros and Cons of Zip Wires & Aerial Runways

It is important that you know the advantages and drawbacks of zip wires and aerial runaways. You can use the information below if you’re considering incorporating these into your play area:


  • Full of physical, physiology, social benefits to children
  • Allows unique kind of play unlike the common play
  • Encourages outdoor play
  • Are great for preparing children for thrilling ziplining and other activities


  • Some kids may fear using aerial runaway and zip wires equipment.
  • Certain zip wires and aerial runaway playground structures are expensive

You could work to eliminate the disadvantages of this equipment to help your kids enjoy using them. Consider buying quality but affordable zip wire playground equipment from Creative Play. For children who fear using aerial runaways, encourage others to encourage them by participating.

How do we ensure the quality of our playground equipment?

We always design and manufacture quality playground zip wire equipment and have maintained it since we started 30 years ago.

The arsenic-free, chrome-free pressure-treated timber we use for our aerial runaway equipment offers service for up to 20 years free from decay or insect attacks.

Why choose a Creative Play Zip Wires & Aerial Runways?


Our kids zip wire and aerial runaway playground equipment are very safe. Even though these require safety surfacing, they are built to the recommended safety height governed by the British Standards EN 1176.


Creative Play has very unique and attractive aerial runaway and zip lines structures. These creative playground equipment are very attractive and offer different ways of climbing and sliding.

Competitive prices

You should never worry about getting quality playground zip wire equipment within your budget. Contact us for affordable zip wires that are also attractive and of high quality.

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