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Adventure Trails

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Adventure Trails

Adventure trails are fun for all children, and spider nets are an essential part of any playground that has an emphasis on outdoor play and creativity. Children just love to navigate, balance and climb over play items, so this fantastic range of adventure trail items is designed to aid children in their development, helping their co-ordination and balance and giving them greater confidence in their own skills to navigate a trail on their own.

Spider nets, as part of an adventure trail, are great option for kids past the age of 7, helping them develop all the way into their teens. Kids can have fun, clambering across from one side of the net to the other as part of a wider game with their friends, and you can install it safe in the knowledge that it has all of the safety considerations that Creative Play put into each and every playground item we produce.


Another advantage of adventure trails comes in their ability to provide a fun platform for physical exercise enjoyed in a fun way, with the challenge element of an adventure trail allowing children to learn a range of different physical skills as they traverse each different aspect of the adventure trail. Given their size and the range of activities included, they make a great item for groups of children to play together and grow in their teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills.

We love to produce items that allow children to learn in a fun way, so we make sure to put a lot of thought into all of the items we create. With our adventure trails, the aim is to give children an item with the variety to keep them engaged for many minutes, if not hours, that will challenge them physically and mentally as they encounter all of its different play elements, from climbing to balancing to swinging.

All of our wooden playground equipment is designed and built in-house at our Chester headquarters, before being delivered and installed via our team of nationwide installation experts. All timber is treated with chrome-free and arsenic-free preservatives, protecting against infestation and decay for up to 20 years (our 20-year guarantee comes with the spider net element of the adventure trail).


Safety is always at the forefront of our minds at Creative Play, as ensuring that we provide a safe playground item is just as important as ensuring it is exciting. All of the materials that make up the adventure trail, including the spider net feature, are polypropylene covered multi-filament steel core ropes, and are secured with custom-made joints and hydraulically-pressed end connections to ensure the most secure playground equipment on the market. This is a quality that we have become known for and that we pay a lot of attention to.

Kids just love to pretend to be characters as they play, so with our spider net feature that can pretend to be a spider as they’re crawling from one side of the net to the other. They can pretend to be whatever they want as they navigate the fun and challenging elements of our adventure trails, but you know that they can do so with the Creative Play safety provisions in full effect.

Give us a call today on 01244 375627 and we can help you create a web of fun and laughter! Our friendly team of experts are also available by email or web contact form, and you can even request a free playground consultation where one of our specialists can come out to your site in the UK and help you to plan exactly which playground items would fit best in your location, with an adventure trail making for an excellent start.

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