6 Steps to your Creative Play Playground

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A Brief History of Creative Play UK Ltd


Here at Creative Play we have been designing, manufacturing and installing high quality playground equipment since 1991. In that time we have been trusted by our customers to create more than 12,000 outdoor playground environments.

Customers who have worked with us to develop exciting new outdoor playgrounds include; Schools, Nurseries, Holiday Parks, Parish Councils, Pubs and Local Authorities.

Operating throughout mainland UK, with our offices and factory based in Chester, we have more than 100 employees dedicated to providing you with exciting and innovative playground equipment products and a one-stop service which includes product design, playground consultation, and manufacturing, installation and aftercare services.

All of our outdoor playground equipment is designed and manufactured in-house and meets the stringent requirements of BS EN 1176. We take the safety of our customers and end users very seriously and this is reflected in the high quality materials we use along with the designs and manufacturing processes employed.

As well as playground equipment, we also offer a range of playground surfacing tested to BS EN 1177, including Wetpour Safety Surfacing, Rubber Mulch and Artificial Grass. All our surfaces are installed by our own specialist teams rather than using a sub-contractor.


6 steps to your Creative Play Playground!


Step 1: Consultation

Whether you contact us or we reach out to you, once the contact is made we provide the ultimate service and ensure your experience with Creative Play is efficient and our customers are left happy!


From the initial contact, we listen to your playground requests and ensure we make an appointment with the Play Adviser most suited to your needs.


Our Play Adviser will then travel to see you on site, we provide right across mainland UK, and listen to your exact requirements, offer different ideas and put together a brief of what you desire. The area of development is then measured and all this information is taken back to HQ and discussed with the design team.


The Play Adviser will be your main point of contact throughout the sales period.


Step 2: Design

All our market leading designs and design packs are produced in house. Following the meeting with the customer, the related Play Adviser will produce a drawing of your area from the measurements acquired during the consultation and pass the details to one of our experienced Playground Designers.


The designer will then take the site measurements and, using 3D Computer Aided Design software, will create the playground area, incorporating the equipment and surfacing discussed during the consultation, to create a variety of 3D visual designs to help you picture the playground development discussed.


The designer will then produce a full quotation pack detailing costs and key considerations, 3D visual designs, a 2D area plan, a product focus pack, which contains information about all the products you decide to go with, as well as a number of relevant case studies – these will be chosen by products matching your quotation or previous projects local to your area to ensure we provide you with the best information.


At Creative Play we can also design bespoke products if certain requirements need to be met. This is something that will be designed individually for you and again the design team will produce a 3D visual design of your unique bespoke product. Once this is complete, the design pack is then passed back to the Play Adviser to represent.


Step 3: Represent

Now that the Play Adviser has the design pack, another appointment will be made with the customer to show what we have produced and explain, in thorough detail, the benefits of each product, the positioning we advise the equipment to be installed, and why we have done what we have done. This gives the customer a chance to see the proposed development and make any suggestions or alterations if needed. If this is something customers require, the design team will recreate the quotation and visuals and the customer will again receive the updated versions.



Step 4: Manufacture

After all the equipment and surfacing has been confirmed and the customer is happy to go ahead with the order, this is processed and passed onto the operational and manufacture teams. The products are then put through the factory for manufacturing. All of our equipment is manufactured on site for guaranteed satisfaction.

The operations team will then be in contact to confirm installation dates and arrange delivery and site surveys. Once all this is complete, we are then on our way to install your NEW PLAYGROUND!


Step 5: Installation

An installation date will be confirmed with yourself and we will arrive on site prepped and ready to start your development.


We do not subcontract any of our work out so expect a team of keen Creative Play members ready to transform your existing playground! The installation teams will complete your playground with minimal disruption and are always willing to answer any questions you may have. All of our customers are assigned with in an Installation Manager to liaise with throughout the development.


We will complete your playground to a high standard and ensure we keep to the time scale set within your limits. Once complete, the Installation Manager will confirm you are happy with the development and conduct a post-installation survey to ensure the playground equipment and safety surfacing meet the BSEN 1176/1177 standards. Once everything is signed off, the playground is ready to be used!


Step 6: Aftercare and Maintenance

When the Installation Manager visits the final development to sign it off, we will provide you with a maintenance pack. This will contain a step-by-step instruction booklet for performing maintenance checks on your playground, including how to tighten bolts and check fixtures and fixings. Within the pack there will also be a maintenance toolbox, including a socket wrench and relevant accessories for maintaining your equipment. This should be done on a regular occurrence.

Alongside this we offer two maintenance inspection packages – as listed above. We encourage the packages to be completed annually to keep your equipment in the best possible condition. If equipment does become faulty or damaged we have a specialised team on hand ready to complete any necessary works.


If you are looking to start your own playground development, call us TODAY on 01244 375 627 or email [email protected] we have friendly advisers waiting to hear from you to offer guidance and put you in your first steps of creating your new playground.