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6 of our Most Popular Creative Play Products

Coloured Bar

Fort Belknap

Price: £19,926 exc VAT

Suitable for ages 5-11


The Fort Belknap is the perfect focal point for any play environment! Hosting a variety of exciting play features, it will keep kids active for hours. Encouraging physical, social, creative and imaginative play, the Fort Belknap promotes the development of fundamental movement skills as children are challenged to traverse around the equipment in new and exciting ways.

Key Features: Four roofed towers, Net ramp, Ramp with rope pull, 2m Tubular spiral slide, Tunnel, Firefighter’s pole, Clatterbridge, Net bridge, Climbing panel, Talk tube, Fort style entrance, Seating for up to 16


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Jungle Climber Midi

Price: £4,998 exc VAT

Suitable for ages 5-11


Our Jungle Climber Midi is part our popular range of Climbers, this product is designed to provide a challenge in the playground. Using rounded timbers these climbing frames are born out of children’s natural desire to climb trees. Encouraging children to use their imagination for unstructured play and great fun all round.

Key Features:Spiral Stairs, 3 x Notched Ladders, Criss Cross Climber, Net with Climbing Blocks, 2 x Cargo Nets, Rope Walk, Balance Beam.


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Dart Activity Centre

Price: £5,985 exc VAT

Suitable for ages Under 5 – 11


The Dart Activity Centre is one of our popular Activity Centres providing hours of endless fun and provides children with many varied activities to keep them interested. With room for multiple children to play at once and suitable for all ages, it is packed with play value and boasts a huge number of features to keep kids entertained!


Key Features: Slide with Playtec surround, Tyre Crossing, Clatter Bridge, Log Walk, Rope Climb, Climbing Panel, Pull up Bar, Tyre Swing


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Octavia Shelter 5m

Price: £7,590 exc VAT

Suitable for ages Under 5 – 11


Our Octavia Shelter Complete includes seats, sides and floor, our timber outdoor classrooms have a range of exciting options allowing us to tailor your new shelter to your needs, the various classroom size and types have different options available. If you wish to discuss building your own classroom call to speak to one of our Play Advisors who will be happy to speak to you.


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Price: £11,391 exc VAT

Suitable for ages Under 5 – 11


Sail the open seas with our impressive Adventure Galley! Quartermaster is packed with a huge variety of play features including a slide, gang plank and net climber to keep children busy for hours! Designed to encourage physical and imaginative play over multiple levels, Quartermaster promotes imaginative role play within the playground environment.

Key Features: 1m main deck slide, Gang plank, 1m stern slide, Main deck ladder, Climbing panel, Net climber, Ships wheel, raised deck bow


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Zenith Two

Price: £6,580 exc VAT

Suitable for ages Under 5 – 11


The Zenith Two is an impressive two tower system, designed to provide hours of fun for children as they traverse around the equipment in new and exciting ways. Hosting a variety of challenging play features, to encourage children to develop new and existing skills through a combination of physical, imaginative and creative play. Available in a variety of colours or a rustic option, it looks fantastic in any playground setting.

Key Features: Two Towers with Roofs, Slip-resistant Ramp, Clatterbridge, Steel-core Rope Pull, Stainless Steel Slide, Vertical Climbing Panel, Firefighter’s Pole.


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