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The Advantages of Bespoke Playground Surfacing

News19 Surfacing | The Advantages Of Bespoke Playground Surfacing | Creative Play News19 Surfacing | The Advantages Of Bespoke Playground Surfacing | Creative Play

Playground surfaces may be good, but bespoke playground surfaces can be great! They offer a lot more than just safety for children playing in space, allowing you to considerably transform your playground with a range of benefits by getting your selection of bespoke surfaces.

Having a playground surface customised to your preferences gives you a number of benefits. Take a look at some of the most significant advantages of having a bespoke playground surfacing as you consider it as an option.


You get a playground that really stands out

Bespoke surfacing allows you to create a playground that is customised to include your exact school or institution logo. You could also have images and/or artwork on the surfacing. This will enable you to have a truly unique playground. If you have a specific idea you want to bring to life, our in-house experts will be able to personalise the appearance of your playground with bespoke surfacing. Just let us know what you have in mind!


Perfectly suits your setting

Functionally, one key benefit of bespoke playground surfacing is to make sure the surfacing fits exactly into the size, design and appearance of the playground, considering the owner’s preferences. With bespoke surfaces, you therefore have a good chance to have a perfectly matched playground surface. This means you can create an inclusive playground surface that promotes confidence in children as they get involved in a number of activities.

With bespoke surfaces, you can get many designs added into your playground space. This elevates the appearance of your playground. You can get any design on your playground surfaces by having it customised, which means you don’t have to stick to a bland surface of concrete or gravel.

It can be helpful to have time to plan before having your idea made into your finished playground surfacing. If you need help picking the right design for your playground surface, we offer a free playground consultation with one of our specialists here at Creative Play UK. We will be able to discuss exactly what you want from your playground and custom playground surface, talking you through our design choices in more detail.

Bespoke Surfacing1 | The Advantages Of Bespoke Playground Surfacing | Creative PlayImproves the interest of playing in children

Children are very much influenced by visual elements, responding to images, drawings and phrases. Thankfully, with bespoke playground surfaces, you can have an image, phrase or writings of your choice, capturing interest from children. Soon, they will be engaged in a range of playing activities since they find the playing environment attractive. You can improve the time spent by children playing outside with bespoke playground surfacing. If you get good images on these playground surfaces, children will have added enjoyment as they spend time playing.

Creative Play’s experts can help you to get your customised playground surface that will capture the attention of children, improving the play environment in your school. Overall, encouraging children to play outdoors means they gain a range of health benefits and improve their motor skills. It has been studied that children can achieve a great deal when they play or exercise in spaces that are also entertaining. You can make your playground more entertaining by getting customised playground surfaces.

Wetpour Surfacing1 1 | The Advantages Of Bespoke Playground Surfacing | Creative Play

Enables you to hold a range of games in a single space

Bespoke playground surfaces allow you to have specific game-focused markings on the play space itself. You can add different markings to facilitate different sports. This saves you the time, cost and storage space of having to stock some of the equipment related to games, if you can have them directly on the surface itself.

Going a step further, at Creative Play we can also customise playground surfacing within spaces we call MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas). This allows you to provide a number of different games in a single space. This type of playground surface and play environment can be utilised to create a space that allows community engagement, allowing multiple usages across different groups, also bringing in income from event hire.


Allows creativity in playgrounds

Getting bespoke surfaces for your playground means that you have the opportunity to use the surface to support various types of creativity. This creativity can spur on children, as they play alongside surface features such as mazes, animal drawings, forest landscapes or roadways. Imagine how much the children in your play area could benefit from such features. You will find bespoke playground surfaces very advantageous in supporting fun play.

Talk to our experienced specialists at Creative Play. They can help you consider how to support and develop the creativity of children by using our bespoke playground surfacing in tandem with your playground items. You could even have particular art on the playground surface that helps children develop useful skills like co-operation and interaction. Your children achieve a lot by combining fun with learning.


Contact us at Creative Play today, and we’ll have our experts customise your ideal playground surface. We have a skilled and dedicated team who provide our clients with bespoke playground surfaces that come with many benefits. Get in touch with us by phone, email, or requesting a callback, and we’ll be able to discuss our range of options with regards to bespoke surfaces for your playground.

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What Should You Look for in Good Children’s Climbing Frames?

Climbing Frames Outdoor Play | What Should You Look For In Good Children'S Climbing Frames? | Creative Play

Children’s climbing frames are a fantastic playground equipment item, thanks to not only being a consistent source of fun, but also their versatility of use. With a climbing frame, children – whether at home or in school – can reap a range of play benefits. Children enjoy lots of fun, while at the same time improving their motor skills, strength, balance and coordination. It is easy to understand how climbing frames have become such a popular playground equipment choice. Children love climbing on things, which in many cases they do before they walk.

While a climbing frame can certainly be an excellent addition to any playground, it is always important to pick the right one. Our specialists at Creative Play UK can help you find good children’s climbing frames. We have a wealth of experience in designing and creating playground equipment, so we’ll be able to guide you to pick a climbing frame that will offer your children a combination of fun play, educational benefits, and exercise.

When looking for a good children’s climbing frame, it is important to consider:

Climbing Frames Block | What Should You Look For In Good Children'S Climbing Frames? | Creative Play


In many ways this is the top priority, safety is one thing you should always look for when picking climbing frames for children. While you cannot guarantee a child will avoid a fall when using a climbing frame, you’ll want to make sure that as far as possible, when children will be using your play area, you have equipment that will be safe for them. Make sure the climbing frames you get for your children have a design that conforms to all safety standards in the UK. This is related to the quality of the material used in assembling a climbing frame. Look for a material of high quality to eliminate injuries from factors such as abrasive climbing frame parts, while you can also consider having the climbing frames installed alongside shock-proof surfacing for a real emphasis on safety.

Creative Play has a range of top-quality children’s climbing frames in our selection, each of them made in-house and installed in compliance with British Safety Standards. Our experts can help you understand everything you need to know when it comes to safety for children playing on a climbing frame. Our team of experts offer reliable installation services, ensuring that the playground equipment we provide creates a very safe environment. We offer waterproof and anti-slip safety surfacing that also cushions the falls of children.


Climbing Frames Set | What Should You Look For In Good Children'S Climbing Frames? | Creative Play


A good children’s climbing frame should enable a range of usage benefits. Look for a sturdy climbing frame that children of various ages can climb on. The balance and co-ordination of your children can greatly improve through such activities. You could select a creative climbing frame with challenging features such as bars to swing on, to keep children interested in the frame as they find new ways of completing tasks, while at the same time getting a range of exercise benefits. There are various types of climbing frames you can get for the children in your care. Popular options include dome climbing frames, while others have shapes similar to play towers.

Think about what you want to achieve with a climbing frame and look for the one that will offer exactly that. Creative Play installs options at schools across England and Wales children’s climbing frames that offer great versatility. They have designs and features design to improve motor skills, strength and balance in children. You can get a climbing frame with ladders, slides and/or tyres to swing on. This aids children to extend their imagination as they acquire a range of varying physical skills.


Climbing Frames Tyres | What Should You Look For In Good Children'S Climbing Frames? | Creative Play

Lasting Quality

Your process of choosing a climbing frame for children should always consider quality. Ensure you look for climbing frames providing quality made to last a significant number of years. The joints and installation should be of a quality that allows prolonged and regular use. Since, in most cases climbing frames are installed outdoors, the quality of the material used to make the climbing frame should be able to withstand harsh weather.

Our Creative Play team includes climbing frame experts, who develop all of our products with longevity in mind. We have wooden climbing frames, with pressure-treated timbers that protect the timber from decay and insect attack for up to 20 years. The preservation of the wood also ensures everyday wear and tear of the wood is significantly reduced, able to accommodate the different weights of the children playing on it.



The appearance and visual style of a climbing frame is determined by a number of factors, including its design elements and colour scheme. You should look for attractive designs and colours that both attract the attention of children, and fit the colours in your space. Many children nowadays spend much less time playing outdoors, but great looking playground equipment, such as our selection of children’s climbing frames, are ideal for attracting and keeping children engaged in fun and educational play.

You can browse through our collection of climbing frames to pick the best one for the children who will be using it in your space. We have plenty of options at Creative Play UK, and can even offer a free playground consultation where one of our experts will meet with you in person to go through our options in detail and help you find your ideal fit, offering an item that provides all the benefits of a good climbing frame.

Please use the contact details on our page to reach our friendly and knowledgeable team. If you need any help at all with choosing your ideal climbing frame, our specialists can assist you if you get in touch by phone, by email or by using our online contact form to request a callback for a preferred time.

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Instant Playground Game Changers

News19 Me111Products Featured | Instant Playground Game Changers | Creative Play

With 25 years in the play industry, here at Creative Play we truly believe that budget is secondary when it comes to providing engaging playgrounds. By adding one key piece of outdoor playground equipment, we believe you can totally regenerate your existing outdoor play space and pack in lots of challenging play opportunities.

Below, we highlight 6 of our top standalone pieces of play equipment and include product and surfacing prices so you can easily see what you can get for your play budget – without all the smoke and mirrors.




News19 Me111Products1 | Instant Playground Game Changers | Creative Play

Click here to find out more about AC101 Dart Activity Centre


FROM £11,987 exc VAT + FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION News19 Me111Products2 | Instant Playground Game Changers | Creative Play

Click here to find out more about VOY122 Quartermaster


FROM £5,995 exc VAT + FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION News19 Me111Products3 | Instant Playground Game Changers | Creative Play


FROM £8,678 exc VAT + FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION News19 Me111Products4 | Instant Playground Game Changers | Creative Play

Click here to find out more about CP105 Mississippi Trail




News19 Me111Products5 | Instant Playground Game Changers | Creative Play

Click here to find out more about JIGX301 Jigsaw 5


FROM £7,995 exc VAT + FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION News19 Me111Products6 | Instant Playground Game Changers | Creative Play


Want o find out more about the range of playground equipment Creative Play can offer?

Get in touch today on 01244 375627 to get in touch with our friendly telesales team at our Chester HQ You can also contact us here

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Projects that have got us excited for 2019

News19 Janinstalls Featured | Projects That Have Got Us Excited For 2019 | Creative Play

Towards the end of 2018 and for the first month on 2019, we’ve kept the winter blues away by designing, manufacturing and installing lots of exciting and engaging outdoor play spaces.

From Multi-Use Games Areas, to rustic Trim Trails, an outdoor gym to impressive tower systems, we’re pleased to see more Creative Play playgrounds promoting physical play and making an impact on children’s activity levels across the United Kingdom.

See below for a handful of our recent favourites:



News19 Janinstalls1 | Projects That Have Got Us Excited For 2019 | Creative Play

An impressive 24m x 12m Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) with Playturf Artificial Grass safety surfacing and in-laid court markings.

Wanting to include a one-stop sports facility on their grass field, Middleton St Mary’s tasked Creative Play with creating a MUGA with their PE and Sport Premium funding. Markings were laid in contrasting colours to clearly differentiate different sport courts.




News19 Janinstalls2 | Projects That Have Got Us Excited For 2019 | Creative Play

An one-stop outdoor fitness zone with individual PROPOSED DESIGN Work Out Fitness Area with Grass Mat Safety Surfacing Work Out fitness stations as well as a separate EYFS area.

Impressed by our new Work Out range, Ysgol Henry Richard wanted Creative Play to create an outdoor gym which could be used during PE lessons and play times. We were also tasked with creating an exciting EYFS area with a Jigsaw 2 play tower, Mound Tunnel & Trike Shed – all in blue Playtec.




News19 Janinstalls3 | Projects That Have Got Us Excited For 2019 | Creative Play

A challenging trim trail circuit to be used predominantly by KS2 pupils with a Rubber Mulch
safety surfacing pathway.

Wanting to cover existing playground markings Parkgate Primary School tasked Creative Play with
creating a challenging trim trail circuit for KS2 pupils. Pieces such as our Swinging Grips, Timber Climbing Wall and Rope Bridge provided lots of varied and tricky stations for pupils to conquer.




News19 Janinstalls4 | Projects That Have Got Us Excited For 2019 | Creative Play

The Priory Parish CE Primary School contacted Creative Play as they were looking to re-develop their existing play area.

They wanted to remove the whole area and start from scratch to create a new environment that would allow children to explore the outdoors whilst developing fundamental movement skills and building confidence. The area was to be used by both KS1 & KS2 children, therefore we had to provide something that would be suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. Together with the school we decided on an impressive Jigsaw Tower System with a 2.1m critical fall height (that would really challenge both KS1 & KS2 pupils) as well as a number of trim trail items, one rustic Den-Making Teepee playhouse and a custom outdoor Classroom with integrated timber planters.


If you would like Creative Play to transform your outdoor playground in 2019, CLICK HERE to get in touch or better yet, give us a call on 01244 375 627 to chat to our in-house telesales team