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Sport Relief 2018- Get Involved!

News Sportrelief Featured | Sport Relief 2018- Get Involved! | Creative Play

News Sportrelief1 | Sport Relief 2018- Get Involved! | Creative Play Sport Relief has come around once again and people all over Britain are getting involved by being active, raising money and changing lives!

This year Sport Relief is all about what ever moves you and gets you moving!

Sport is more than a kick about in the park. It helps form communities, improves health and well-being and ultimately saves lives!

News Sportrelief2 | Sport Relief 2018- Get Involved! | Creative Play STEP UP

Many people have started contributing to such a great cause by joining the ‘Nations Billion Step Challenge’ which has been taking place since 17th March and will end 23rd March 18. You can submit your miles here and they will convert into steps. There are so many ways to get involved!!!

News Sportrelief3 | Sport Relief 2018- Get Involved! | Creative Play


Schools all over Britain have also got involved with such a great cause from sponsored miles to a classic school disco there are so many ways to raise money and change lives. have put together several ways you can get involved, you can find out more here…

Tom Daley has even got involved by setting new challenges for pupils. Join the many schools already involved in Hula Hoop Monday, Skip-a-thon Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Boogie Thursday and Footie Friday! You can download the Challenge Kits here.

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Exploration & Discovery in EYFS: It’s British Science Week

News Bsw18 Featured | Exploration &Amp; Discovery In Eyfs: It'S British Science Week | Creative Play

British Science Week is an annual 10-day celebration of all things science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and it kicks off from the 9th March. Not just for schools, of all ages can enjoy and celebrate this event ; and EYFS is no different!

When you think of it, there are no greater natural scientists and engineers than young children. By grabbing their attentions and building on their inclination to explore, build and question, they are natural inquisitive learners.

Getting children interested in STEM from a young age is incredibly beneficial. Early exposed to age-appropriate STEM activities through play helps supports critical thinking and reasoning skills as well as their future academic growth.

Being ‘The Outdoor Play Experts’ here at Creative Play, we have come up with 4 fun, play-led activities ideal for celebrating British Science Week with EYFS children. With this year’s focus on Exploration & Discovery, this is definitely the perfect theme to focus on outdoors in your play garden.


Escape the Ice

News Bsw18 1 | Exploration &Amp; Discovery In Eyfs: It'S British Science Week | Creative Play Freeze small toys inside ice cube trays & let children break them free inside one of our Water Play units. Experiment with different methods, such as a hairdryer, warm water or sticks, and see how quickly they can melt/shatter the ice & release the toys inside.

Click here to view our Water Play range

HERE’S AN IDEA : Provide a visual sensory experience as well as a tactile one and add different food colourings to your water prior to freezing. As the ice melts, children can mix the melted colours together and create vibrant patterns.


Fossil Finder

News Bsw18 2 | Exploration &Amp; Discovery In Eyfs: It'S British Science Week | Creative Play Hide plaster cast fossils, or even toy dinosaurs, inside our Timber Sandbox and let children excavate! Use different digging toys, such as spades or small brushes, and let children develop their fine motor skills during play.

Click here to view our Timber Sandbox

HERE’S AN IDEA : Get children to draw their findings on a piece of paper and create their own archaeologist-inspired field notes.


Grow your Own

News Bsw18 3 | Exploration &Amp; Discovery In Eyfs: It'S British Science Week | Creative Play Get children’s fingers green and let them plant flowers, vegetables or herbs outside in our rustic timber planters. Over time, little ones can observe their plant’s process as they continue to water and care for them.

Click here to view our range of Planters

HERE’S AN IDEA : Plant herbs or easy to grow vegetables and incorporate them into the children’s lunches or snacks. It’s a great way to encourage healthy eating as children are more likely to eat them if they have been involved in the growing process.


Bug Hotel

News Bsw18 4 | Exploration &Amp; Discovery In Eyfs: It'S British Science Week | Creative Play Children will love observing how critters behave outside with our contained Wormery. With a large viewing window, children can discover & document how many worms they see each day. NOTE: Worms & soil not included

Click here to view our Wormery

HERE’S AN IDEA : Conduct observation sessions throughout the year and see how the worms’ behaviours differ over the months. How many can you see? Are they moving a lot? Write down your findings and see if they are different next season.

British Science Week will be running from Friday 9th to Sunday 18th March 2018.

Click here to view and download their free activity packs and see how you can celebrate in your nursery.

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Spring Newsletter 2018

News Springsnews18 Featured | Spring Newsletter 2018 | Creative Play

Spring is nearing and here at Creative Play we have had a very busy Winter! From installations, attending events and introducing new products, we have summarised our on goings below to keep you in the loop!

Installations Galore

News Springsnews18 1 | Spring Newsletter 2018 | Creative Play

It may only be the beginning of March, but here at Creative Play we have started 2018 off with a bang! Come rain or shine (and even snow!) we have been working hard to install lots of your exciting playground developments ready for the warmer months. From Multi-Use Games Areas to Trim Trims and Tower Systems to Early Years areas, we’ve done it all. Our customers are extremely happy and can’t wait for the children to make the most of them – especially as the days get warmer!

 … And the Winner is

News Springsnews18 2B | Spring Newsletter 2018 | Creative Play On the run-up to World Book Day, our latest Facebook competition gave schools the chance to win our of our popular Storytelling Areas. Featuring our Teacher’s & Child’s Storytelling Chairs as well as large curved bench, its the perfect piece to promote literacy skills outdoors. The lucky winner was  Bearbrook Combined School & Pre-School in Aylesbury. CONGRATULATIONS!

Right on Target!

News Springsnews18 3 | Spring Newsletter 2018 | Creative Play Last September saw us introduce our band new Target range, and yo have been loving it! From large Multi-Use Games Areas to more compact sports walls, they are a great way to keep children (and adults) active outside. A completely modular range, we are already impressed with the wide range of designs you have created.

Click here to view our Target range

Less Than 1 Month to Save

News Springsnews18 4 | Spring Newsletter 2018 | Creative Play Unleashed at the beginning of January, lots of you have been snapping up our exclusive Special Offers deals via our website. With savings of up to £3,245, for both commercial and education-based play spaces, now is the perfect opportunity to transform your outdoor play space in time for the warmer months. But HURRY, orders must be placed by 30/03/2018 to qualify!

Click here to view our exciting play equipment offers

New Product Launch

News Springsnews18 5 | Spring Newsletter 2018 | Creative Play To mark Children’s Mental Health Week in February, we launched our BRAND NEW Mood Board. It’s a great piece for encouraging children to become more open & comfortable communicating their feelings to peers and adults in the playground.

Click here to view our Mood Board


Show(ing) Off

News Springsnews18 6 | Spring Newsletter 2018 | Creative Play From local authorities to sports-focused exhibitions, we have been busy attending lots of industry shows across the UK. With many more planned for 2018, we’re excited to discuss all things play with you in the near future.

Look out for our next Newsletter, set to be released in Summer, and keep up to date with all of our latest news….