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New Year, New Playground

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2018 has now arrived and we are excited to be looking at the year ahead and the great new playground developments we already have lined up!!!

Whether you are a nursery, educational, commercial or parish council setting we are sure we have something for you in our huge catalogue of products.

If you are looking to update your play/sports area and don’t know where to start, we thought we would give you a helping hand!

Below we have touched on each setting with a selection of different play and sports options to inspire your imagination to giving children an area that will meet all of their needs and your budget!!!



News Newyear18 1 | New Year, New Playground | Creative PlayAre you a school or academy looking to update your outdoor play/sports area then we are here to help!

MUGA’s seem to be becoming more and more popular and it’s clear to see why. They are a fantastic resource for any school as the are ideal for PE lessons, break times AND after school clubs! They are also a great way of utilising the PE & Sports premium funding.

Outdoor Classrooms have also grown in the past couple of years as this allows teachers to take the classroom outside! With add-ons such as white boards and wheelchair ramps available, its easier than ever to create a bespoke outdoor learning environment.

And of course, we cant forget the classic Trim Trails! Trim Trails are a great way to promote physical activity in the playground. We have over 40 individual Trim Trail items within our range and the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating your own circuit!

But this isn’t all! We have Outdoor gyms, Sensory Gardens and Jigsaw Tower Systems also suitable for an education environment!


News Newyear18 2 | New Year, New Playground | Creative PlayIf you are a Nursery we have plenty of play equipment suitable for the youngsters.

Our custom Jigsaw Play Towers are completely component based, pick your platforms and play components and create your very own tower system to suit your individual needs, area size and budget!! Why not get the children involved too with designing the Jigsaw?!

Our Sensory Gardens are a perfect setting for a Nursery play area. We have a wide range of water, sand and mud products available meaning the sky truly is your limit when it comes to creating your ultimate sensory garden!

We have also recently just released our new range ‘Toddle Town’. This range is full of Trim Trails items designed to encourage the development of fundamental development skills through play! They provide challenging, yet age appropriate physical play opportunities guaranteed to keep children engaged and excited to see whats next!

This is just a small selection of products suitable for nurseries, we have plenty more including Playhouses, Role Play and Playboards! Click each one to find out more…


News Newyear18 3 | New Year, New Playground | Creative PlayFor businesses, such as pubs, holiday parks, visitor attractions and hotels, we haven’t forgot about you either! We try and design products for each and every section of our customer base.

Our Themed play pieces are always popular as they add a memorable unique touch to any play space. From Ships and tractors to Fire Engines and Cars, why not relate your play equipment to your business sector or location!

Climbing frames are ideal for commercial settings as they allow large groups of children to play together at one time. Primarily timber in design they are great at adding a more rustic feel to any outdoor space.

And what better way to finish off a play spaces than with seating. It offers children a time-out from play and adults a place to relax! We offer both adult and child sized seating in a variety of options; this also includes inclusive designs!

But that’s not all, what about Activity Trails, Swings and Tower Systems? Click to see more….


News Newyear18 4 | New Year, New Playground | Creative PlayProviding an outdoor play environment within your community is the perfect way to bring people together and ensuring children are keeping active outside the school environment.

Swings and Springers are a perfect combo for a Parish council. With a variety of flat seat, cradle seat and basket swing seats available we will definitely have something that suits your needs.

Or how about an outdoor gym? You can combine our adult fitness stations together to create a fantastic resource for the adults within your community. With over 30 different items to chose from, covering a range of movements, we are sure to have something suitable for you!!!

What about Climbing Frames and Tower Systems? We have all of those too. Click for more information.


If we have inspired you to create a new play area or your looking to revamp an existing area, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of friendly advisers waiting to hear from you and offer any assistance we can. Don’t forget we offer a free consultation and design service!