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Western Road Community Primary School

Our Playground At Western Road Community Primary School Is Looking Shipshape


We had previously worked on a playground proposal for Western Road Community Primary School involving our Viking Ship and vibrant Wetpour Safety Surfacing however they wanted us to revisit their design and include a new trim trail area to promote physical play.


For the imaginative play zone Western Road Community Primary School decided on our red and yellow Viking Ship. With numerous integrated benches, it has plenty of room for large groups of children to play together.

To make the equipment really stand out we teamed this with our ‘sea blue’ Wetpour Safety Surfacing and included vibrant inlaid fish designs to give the area a real wow-factor.

For the Trim Trail area we included popular pieces such as our Balance Beam, Rope Walk and Tyre Crossing. Stepping Logs were also used to link the bigger trim trail items together and make a complete circuit for pupils to follow.

Black Wetpour Safety Surfacing, with yellow shapes for the product posts, was used to create an all-weather surface underneath the trim trail circuit and to create its own zone in the playground.


With numerous play areas at Western Road Community Primary School it was essential that everyone worked together to ensure a successful installation.

The wide variety of equipment and surfacing transformed the play areas into a vibrant and engaging spaces, providing the pupils with fun and challenging pieces of equipment perfect for physical and imaginative play.

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Creative Play’s New Gym Equipment for Adults!

Creative Plays New Gym Equipment For Adults

Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment


Did you know we have gone into partnership with Fresh Air Fitness; the first company to introduce outdoor fitness equipment into the UK!?

This means we can offer our customers a wide variety of outdoor gym equipment for both adults and children! We released the 10 pieces of equipment for children last week. Now we are releasing the adults range with over 30 products within the range!


We all know that exercise is important for individuals of all ages and is great for promoting a healthy, active lifestyle, however we all don't have access, or the money, to a gym – enter our new outdoor fitness range!

Popular in both public spaces, such as parks, as well as commercial businesses you can cherry pick what items you want to include and target what activities you want to incorporate into your outdoor space.


With over 30 products within our adult gym equipment range, we have selected 10 of our favourites to give you a quick overview of this fantastic new range.


10 of our Favourite Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment Items



Air Skier

The Air Skier strengthens and develops the lower part of the body including the lower abdomen, hips and thighs.

Through swinging each leg together side to side the Air Skier also improves balance and co-ordination.

It is great for warming up and as part of a work-out for fitness beginners and for undergoing gentle exercise.



The Bicycle is unique in the fact they are fitted with moderate resistance bearings to increase the exercise value.

It is a classic product, ideal for increasing blood flow in the legs and providing a great overall work out.


Double Air Walker

The Double Air Walker provides an excellent cardiovascular exercise as it allows for a full range of movement in the hip joint, improving strength and flexibility, while developing the leg muscles all at the same time!

All ages can enjoy this product and it is great for individuals that are not suited for jogging and power walking. The Double Air Walker is made for two people to use, so enjoy it with your friends!


Double Cross Country Skier

The Double Cross Country Skier is great for less agile individuals. It’s a simple workout, moving your legs back and forth whilst co-ordinating the movement with your arms.

It provides a full body work out and is great for working out with friends, encouraging social interaction! The Double Cross Country Skier is also excellent for post-injury work-outs when undergoing recovery.


Pull Down Challenger

The Pull Down Challenger provides an excellent work-out for one of the largest muscle groups; arms, shoulders and back. The Pull Down Challenger is also known as a Lat Pull Station and is great for building strength and stamina.


Side Surfer

The Side Surfer is a fun piece of gym equipment to use and develops balance and co-ordination whilst working the core muscles and hip muscles. You simply hold the handles to gain stability and your legs will surf from side to side allowing to strengthen with abductors.


Push Up & Dip Station

Our Push Up & Dip Station develops strength in the arms & shoulders and comprises of 2 sets or parallel bars set at different heights to allow for the push up and dip motion. A simple but versatile piece of equipment, we can already tell that this is going to be a popular piece!



The Rider provides a full-body cardiovascular and toning work-out; whilst pushing with the legs and pulling with the arms against the resistance, the Rider works the arms, shoulders, abdomen, glutes and legs.

Whilst similar to the rowing machine, the Rider is a low impact exercise.


Self-Weighted Rower

The Self-Weighted Rower provides one of the best forms of exercise as it works the majority of the upper body; arms, shoulders, chest, back and abdomen.

With an integrated back support system designed to prevent over extension and a foxed seat sculling action it offers cardiovascular and toning benefits for any age!


Tai Chi Spinners

The Tai Chi Spinners have been specially designed to promote flexibility and co-ordination in the wrists, arms and shoulders. They provide an excellent warm up as well as improving circulation.

They are suitable for wheelchair users, making this piece great for incorporating into physiotherapy routines.

If you’re looking to incorporate outdoor gym equipment in your playground, contact us today on 01244 375 627 or email [email protected]

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Ash Green Primary School

Ash Green Primary School

Creative Play were tasked with a tight deadline to produce proposals for two sites at Ash Green Primary School. They were looking for playground equipment that would promote physical play.
We installed various items from our Challenger Trim Trail range to promote fitness and strength, while including a large tower unit to encourage further physical activity and create a focal point. Installation of green and black flecked Wetpour surfacing helps to keep costs down, but at the same time still provides the attractive colour aspect.

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Ashton Hayes Primary School

Ashton Hayes Primary School

The brief from Ashton Hayes Primary School was to develop an existing grassed area to promote physical activity for both Key Stage One & Key Stage Two children.
We proposed to install our popular Dart Activity Centre at Ashton Hayes Primary School to encourage physical activity amongst the KS1 and KS2 children.
The playground equipment provides no less than nine different activities including a slide, ramp with rope pull, log walk, clatterbridge, tyre swing, agility bar, vertical climbing panel and more!
We incorporated a half round timber roof & used our green Playtec to offer the customer a rustic appearance to fit in with their natural surroundings.

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Bishop Lonsdale CE Primary School

Bishop Lonsdale Ce Primary School

To provide a fun and exciting fitness trail to help improve outdoor physical activity during playtimes.
We installed a selection of our Challenger Trim Trail products to offer different physical activities within a Zig-Zag layout. Our A-Frame Climbing Blocks, Vertical Twisted Net and Traverse Wall offer interesting climbing activities while the Moving Beam, Jelly Board and Treadmill allow the children to improve their balance and co-ordination skills.
Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing was installed to provide all year round use and offer a natural woodland appearance to compliment the school play area. The children now have a fun fitness zone which will provide hours of fun each day!

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Benedict Primary School

Benedict Primary School

Benedict Primary School wanted to completely re-develop their whole outdoor space for Early Years and Key Stage One children with a range of exciting and educational play equipment.
We started to create a design which incorporated a number of different zones within each of the play areas. This included a number of bright and colourful thermoplastic markings within the Early Years area, in addition to a brand new Carousel Tower and our Lilliput Three Tower. Both of these modular systems provide endless fun at break times and feature a range of different activities to improve outdoor physical ability and educational learning.
Our half Octavia Shelter provides the perfect space for taking the classroom outdoors and combines seating with an area for meeting new friends.
In the main playground we installed our new target sports panels to create a multi-use sports and physical zone to promote group work and team based activities. A quiet sensory garden helps the children to learn about the natural environment while the different playboards allow the children to show their creative skills.
Each area has been transformed to provide exciting, fun and educational facilities to the playground which the children look forward to each day.

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Animal Crackers Children’s Nursery

Animal Crackers Children'S Nursery

The brief from Animal Crackers Childrens Nursery was to provide all weather Safety Surfacing over two
areas to be used all year round by the children & provide different textures.
We installed our Artificial Grass Surfacing underneath an existing canopy area to provide all weather use and provide the children with a natural environment to play in. The textured surface allows the children to experience different materials in the natural world.
In addition we laid our popular Wetpour Surfacing in blue which helps to brighten up the area while at the same time providing the safety factor, giving peace of mind.
See our full range of Wetpour colours online to see what we can do for you.

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Allenby Primary School

Allenby Primary School

We installed our brand new Target Sports Panels into the large tarmac playground to create a unique multisport area to encourage group work and team based activities. Each individual panel promotes competitive team play and allows children to test their different skills with each other. In addition, we also installed a range of playboards to improve artistic skills, a large Zenith tower system to create a focal point, a sandpit, thermoplastic playground markings and an Octavia Outdoor Classroom to create a quiet area for outdoor learning and teaching activities. The whole outdoor area of the school has now been completely transformed and brings a new dimension to play times.

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Langley Primary School Case Study

Langley Primary School Case Study


Langley Primary School contacted Creative Play looking to completely revamp their reception and nursery areas including ripping out existing equipment and surfacing that was already in place.


The School wanted to incorporate both new equipment and surfacing with the possibility of having a roadway design within the surfacing!


After our initial consultation on site, the design team began to prepare the drawings and detailed proposal.


Langley Primary School had decided to go with a varied range of EYFS playground equipment including a Mound Tunnel, Timber Sandbox, Timber Cabin and Timber Bridge, a couple of age-appropriate trim trail items and thermoplastic roadway with zebra crossing.


These pieces of equipment were installed in both areas producing a great transformation that is really appealing to the children.


Artificial Grass Safety Surfacing was also installed to provide a great all-weather surface for the younger children.



Langley Primary School was a huge project and one we are very proud of.


We created a whole new play area in a short amount of time, one which provides a wide range of equipment for children to have heaps of fun and develop key skills.


The whole project was completed efficiently and the school are extremely happy with the final project.


Langley Primary School Feedback

“We can’t thank Creative Play enough! The journey started with Matthew, who listened to our thoughts and ideas, and then with the design team, who began to make our dream playgrounds come alive.“
“Carl and his team worked swiftly to make our designs a reality, which he did ‘come rain or shine’.“
“Nothing was too much trouble and when we had a few queries Carl helped us to sort things out and still finish within the time scale.”
“Our new play areas are fantastic, full of awe,wonder and intrigue.“
“The children thoroughly enjoy their new learning environment. A big thank you to all involved especially to Matthew and Carl.”

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Case Study: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo


Chester Zoo required an area that would provide a challenge for children of all ages, and that could include a range of equipment suitable for both older and younger children alike. The wooded area had plenty of trees and plant life, and therefore they wanted playground equipment that would fit the natural aesthetic of the surroundings.
We decided that a mixture of low level trim trail equipment and one of our popular Zenith Max Fort Tower Systems would provide the zoo with the perfect play space. Our Crawling Tube and Stepping Logs were the ideal pieces of low level equipment to be included within the area – designed to encourage children to challenge and develop their balance and coordination skills on multiple levels. We also installed our brilliant Fort Lincoln Tower System, which is packed with exciting play features to keep children busy for hours. To ensure that the area met and succeeded all British and European safety standards, we installed our Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing which not only fit the desired natural aesthetic of the play area, but also provided the most environmentally friendly option due to its recycled properties.

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Case Study: Rodings Primary School

Case Study: Rodings Primary School

The Brief

Rodings Primary School reached out to Creative Play as they were looking to develop part of their playground with climbing equipment to promote physical play.

The school were open to ideas and suggestions but were very keen on our Activity Centre and the Trim Trail ranges.

The Design

When we heard Rodings Primary School were looking for a physical play area with climbing features we immediately thought of an Activity Centre and Trim Trail.

Looking at the size of their existing area they had plenty of room for the Trent Activity Centre which is our biggest one! This was to go along with different Trim Trail items to create the ultimate playground experience.

Rodings Primary School selected some of our most popular Trim Trail items including a Scramble Net, Swinging Grips, Climbing Wall and the Treadmill.

To meet the BSEN 1176/1177 safety requirements Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing was laid under the Trent Activity Centre, Scramble Net and Swinging Grips, with the other Trim Trail items being installed onto well maintained grass.

All the Playtec on the equipment was red to complement the schools colours and logo.

The Installation

The Rodings Primary School was a great project to have been part of. As they already had a playground set up it was lovely to see the transformation to a Creative Play playground.

We had to remove the existing equipment and install our biggest activity centre, the Trent, which was very exciting along with the Trim Trail items, the project went extremely smoothly and both the children and teachers are happy with the new playground equipment.

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Shaw Hill Primary School

Shaw Hill Primary School


To develop the nursery area with a range of playground equipment to promote outdoor learning and improve physical activity. As part of a two stage project, we have now completed the Nursery area which includes our Greenwood Woodlander Tower System, creative playboards, planters, sandbox, water play and creative Wetpour safety surfacing which includes an inlaid roadway with a timber arched bridge for the children to explore. Our new Greenwood tower system provides an interesting focal point with features such as a ramp with climbing grips, slide, single tower and timber pitched roof. The Wetpour Safety Surfacing also incorporates an interesting splash design around the tower to create an exciting and colourful play area for the children to enjoy all year round.